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Everyone can use a little guidance. In these one-on-one consultations I’ll work with you to improve your portfolio and educate you about all the professional aspects of this field. These consultations are the perfect tool for advancing your career—whether you’re a recent illustration graduate, a creative professional looking to transition into illustration, or a working illustrator who wants to get to the next level.

What's included

Over the course of five one-hour sessions (remote only) we’ll review your work and create a personalized plan of action tailored to your needs. Since every situation is unique, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, however, a general overview includes:

Portfolio Evaluation

I’ll evaluate your portfolio and website in-depth to make sure you’re presenting the right work in the best way possible.

Goal Setting

We’ll discuss your illustration goals and determine what actions you can take now to start achieving them.

General Education

We’ll go over all aspects of the illustration business that you have any questions about.

Personalized Homework

Tailor-made homework will be assigned at the end of each session to help further along your career.

Financial Guidance

You’ll have an understanding of the kinds of fees an illustrator typically charges for your desired area of illustration.

Promotional Campaign

At the end of five sessions, you’ll have a print-ready promotional mailer ready to send out to potential clients.

What's others are saying

“As someone just beginning to explore illustration as a second career, Neil’s coaching style was just what I needed. He offered pragmatic, useful advice about how to get started and tips that touched on everything from what equipment is most helpful, to color and composition choices. Very hands–on, straight forward and encouraging.”

Maria Mottola

“I started working with Neil at a time when it felt like my work and career had plateaued. I was ready to break through it and into a new industry. Neil was incredibly helpful and after our sessions were over I had a portfolio of new work to promote. I couldn’t have done work of this caliber and this quickly without his advice and direction.”

Michelle Kondrich

“Neil is an invaluable mentor. He’s full of information, advice, inspiration and encouragement. My sessions with Neil gave me the confidence to believe that I could become an illustrator. I recommend his services to anyone with professional  illustration aspirations.”

“Neil’s insights were super useful to me while trying to figure out how to shift a career focus from design to illustration, and come up with actionable steps to do so. It definitely helps to have someone who knows the industry well available to answer nuanced questions directly, rather than sift through hundreds of vague advice via google. I would definitely recommend Neil’s expertise.”

“Neil provides helpful critiques and practical advice that actually surpasses what you’d get from some 4-year BFA programs.”

Brian Daly

“Its was great to have Neil’s help to get my strategy clear in order to launch my first steps as freelance illustrator. He gave me great advice when looking for references and valuable potential clients, plus a consistent business plan that I still use today. I totally appreciate having done the course with him and would really recommend him.”

Montse Castellano

“If you are going to embark on an illustration career you should definitely consider consulting Neil. You will learn the practical business strategies that are vital in order to thrive as a freelancer. I consider it money well spent.”

“Neil was a fantastic source of valuable information and patience. I was uncertain about my illustration style and Neil helped me to find my voice.”


Please note the following policies before scheduling a session package:

  • These sessions are meant for artists who have already reached a certain level of craft. While I’d like to help everyone, if your work is too novice it won’t be beneficial to either of us. Any agreement to work together is contingent on a full review of your portfolio prior to acceptance.
  • Consultation package must be completed within three months of the first session date, after which time the sessions will expire and a new package must be purchased if you wish to continue.
  • Any rescheduling of appointments must be made at least 48 hours in advance or else that particular session will be counted toward your total. Sessions are booked on hourly basis. If you’re late to an appointment, your sessions will still end at the original designated time.
  • No refunds after the first session.


Do sessions have to be weekly? Or can they vary?

You are free to space out sessions in any way you find convenient. Some past students have found it helpful to skip a few weeks in-between certain sessions in order to achieve more before the next meeting. Please note, though, that all sessions must be completed within three months of the first meeting.

Are there any areas of illustration you don't cover?

I’ve worked in many illustration markets. The ones I’m the most knowledgeable about are publishing and editorial—in particular children’s publishing. The markets I’m the least knowledgable about, however, are fashion, textile, and surface pattern.

Do you accept payment in installments?

No. Full payment must be made before the first session.

Can some sessions be done in-person and some remote?

Unfortunately, I’m only able to offer remote sessions at this time.

What days/times are you most available?

I have a pretty busy illustration and art direction career so it’s preferable to schedule appointments early in the morning (around 9:30am) or in the evening (anytime from 6:30pm–9:00pm). However, exceptions can certainly be made. In terms of days, weekdays are typically preferred.

Ordering Info

To order, please fill out the form below. Make sure to include a link to your current portfolio and let me know what dates and times work best for you. Once we finalize the arrangements, I’ll request payment either through Paypal or Venmo and we’ll be on our way!

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