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An Online Skillshare Class by Neil Swaab

While this news isn’t really about the business of illustration, it may be relevant to those of you out there who have been struggling with interior book design (for instance, working on your own illustrated novel):

I’m psyched to announce my new Skillshare class, Book Design Basics: Styling Novel Interiors! In this class, I teach you how to design a novel interior starting from a simple Word document and turning it into a fully designed book, ready for print or e-devices. Whether you’re just starting out and want to design your own self-published book and don’t know how, or you’re a professional artist/designer who wants some guidance on best practices for creating interiors using InDesign the right way, this is the class for you. And many of the lessons also apply towards other kinds of book design like picture books or poetry books, if you’re interested in that! So, please, check it out and spread the word!